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Local Family-Owned Business

Born and raised in Bosque county, Shelby and her husband Lance are taking their skills to task helping residents of the Bosque county.


Shelby is a trained rangeland specialist, who can help with the management of your ranch through stocking rate calculations, ruminant nutrition recommendations, and wildlife management. Beyond just recommendations, Parker Ranch Services can also lend a hand with physical management. From cattle and livestock management to watching over property and livestock for landowners. We even do 'homestead babysitting', looking after all the livestock, pets, and gardens that make up your homestead. 

Lance is a talented self taught mechanic who has experience on a wide array of machinery from small engines to oversize loaders, tractors, and 18 wheelers. Parker Ranch Services can help with all kinds of mechanical projects from blown hydraulic hoses, oil changes, flats, and more. 

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The Range Specialist

Shelby Crockett Parker

Raised on a ranch here in Bosque county. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Range and Wildlife Management and a Master of Science in Animal Science and a certification in Ranch and Rangeland Management. 

Shelby worked as the county Rangeland Management Specialist for the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service before moving home to Bosque county. Call Shelby for your land, wildlife, homesteading, and livestock needs.

The Wrench

Lance Parker

An experienced diesel mechanic who loves to tinker with and restore old stuff. CDL and wrench in hand, there is no task he cannot take on. He's repaired tractors, trucks, pickups, cars, dozers, loaders, backhoes, generators, and more. Call Lance for your machinery repair and maintenance needs today. We can work on site, or transport to our shop for heavy duty jobs. 

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